Nvember 9 2007
Still finding interesting pictures. Now that Stranglehold is out, this is a bit dated, but
still interesting I think. This was the billboard across from my hotel when I was in Chigago.
I like it. It has just enough community pride, and is a decent advertisement as well.
Click for bigger.

November 7 2007
Ok, going through some old files on my computer and finding some interesting picture from
summer.This is the first one; it's the board in Disneyland that tracks how long the lines
are for rides. This was taken on first weekend for the reopening of the submarine ride. I
believe it says the wait was 240 minutes!

June 11 2007
Well, after too many long years, the submarine ride at Disneyland has finally re-opened,
and has been re-branded with Finding Nemo. I was there, (and by there I mean in line.
From 2:45 until 5:40. Just for the one ride.) and took some pictures. Sorry for the bad
quality. I forgot my camera and had to snap them with my phone.

For those familiar with the park, the first picture of the line was
taken while I was near the start, near It's a Small World!

Ok, I spent a week in Chicago a few weeks ago, and among the amazing skyline and great
museums, one very geeky thing stood out. There are a ton of those R2-D2 mailboxes there!
(ok, just three) Does the USPS employee who came up with the idea live there? Who knows!

Across from the Millennium Park

At the Museum of Science and Industry

At Navy Pier